Prompt Fill: Images


Prompt: He teaches her to use a camera

for: andachippedcup

by 3Pirouette/Triple Pirouette

Belle’s delighted by the idea of a camera. Even if it is mostly plastic, she puts up with the feel to capture images. He teaches her the basics: zoom, focus, capture. After she snaps a handful of blurry pictures around the house he sends her out into the town, thinking he’ll have a few dozen pictures for him to show her how to upload on the computer later.

After dinner she sits on his lap, bouncing with giddy delight as each picture of over 500 pops up on the screen as they download from the memory card. He thinks her precious, though a bit silly, as they all flash across the screen as she chatters away, marveling at how so many things fit in such a tiny piece of metal and plastic. There are seven pictures of a bunny in grass, five of the clock tower, picture after picture of people that she had come across in town, most smiling but a few candids and many, many slightly blurry ones.

“Oh, Rum, isn’t it wonderful?” She kisses him and in her joy he simply can’t be annoyed with the twenty-six blurry pictures of the sunset. “We’ll have an exact portrait of all these things forever and ever. No horribly botched paintings, no trying to remember, just a real live, image of it forever and ever just the way it was!”

He can’t help it, he reaches over and takes the camera, clicking off picture after picture of her delight as she watches the computer work. “Oh yes,” he whispers, a smile blooming at the thought of these wonderful pictures of his love. He would have done anything for a picture of her all those years ago, now he can have as many as he wishes. “Wonderful.”